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As a specialized strategy and technology consulting firm, international Compliance, Governance & Risk keeps us busy on a daily basis in various client projects. With our interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team of management consultants, lawyers and IT specialists, we support companies and organizations of different industries and sizes in dealing with complex issues at the interface between legal and tech.

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – VUCA for short

The increasing density of regulatory requirements, the need for good corporate governance as well as continuous risk management overwhelms many companies, regardless of whether they are medium-sized businesses or large corporations. In our current time of necessary transformation with regard to digitalization, sustainability and resilience, we are in the midst of the greatest economic revolution since industrialization.

The term VUCA aptly describes the changing challenges companies are facing in the 21st century. If companies do not adapt flexibly to these challenges, they are at risk of losing touch with the future.

Onpulson (translated by author)

Companies, but above all the people and stakeholders involved, such as managing directors and board members, but also employees, partners, shareholders and external parties such as customers and suppliers, have to deal with various challenges in order to remain competitive.

In addition, there is increasing tension between the digital transformation and regulatory requirements. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which came into force in 2018 to harmonize data protection law within the European Union, is just one example.

In April 2021, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council “laying down harmonized rules for Artificial Intelligence (AI),” also known as the AI Regulation. The EU AI Regulation is considered a fundamental cornerstone for the regulation of artificial intelligence in the EU.

Startups as well as established companies, which research and develop products in innovative areas, feel increasingly constrained by the increasing number of EU regulations, EU directives and national laws.

Inter- and multidisciplinary know-how as a mandatory requirement

In this area of conflict, the necessity of inter- and multidisciplinary know-how in the fields of management, law and information technology becomes apparent once again.

valvisio group operates nationally and internationally in the field of legal & tech with its specialized companies, valvisio consulting GmbH based in Bamberg and valvisio international AG based in Munich. We always speak the language of our customers, no matter which specialist discipline is required in projects or discussions.

Our media brand “compliance insider”

That is why we are establishing our own media brand “compliance insider”, a specialized expert portal on Compliance, Governance & Risk at the interface of Legal & Tech.

Through various media formats such as written professional articles, references and classifications to current legal decisions, but also our already existing Compliance Podcast “ComplianceRedefined“, we would like to let you – at least for a part – participate in our know-how.

Podcast, practical guides & publications

We have a lot planned for the year 2023. Our podcast “ComplianceRedefined” will be supplemented by checklists on exciting topics from the areas of GRC as well as publications of various scopes and types.

You can look forward to informative, highly topical, but above all in-depth information on compliance, governance, risk, and legal & tech.

Compliance NEEDS to be part of the corporate culture in our increasingly regulated world, especially in medium-sized businesses as well as in small companies and startups!
Timo Schusser, member of the board at valvisio group

With our media brand, we want to contribute to compliance becoming part of your corporate culture. We accompany you – here, as well as at valvisio.

Enjoy reading and listening – Your Compliance & Legal Team of the valvisio group

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Willkommen bei compliance insider – der Medienmarke der valvisio group

Willkommen bei compliance insider – der Medienmarke der valvisio group

Compliance, Governance & Risk im Spannungsfeld von Legal & Tech

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